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DIRECTV Business
DIRECTV Business

We offer the sports and entertainment your customers want and the marketing support you need to help your business grow. Whether you have one TV or a hundred, we can keep your customers entertained and coming back for more.  82% of subscribers say DIRECTV increases their business.

A new system or an upgrade, THE SOUND STATION can customize a DIRECTV system to fit your establishment needs and budget. We offer continued service and support with our in-house technicans after the sale. That's why we have DIRECTV in many of the most popular bars,restuarants and clubs in the Pittsburgh area.

DIRECTV for Business has a programming package for your industry:

Restaurants & Bars:  If you are looking for a small investment to draw big crowds, DIRECTV is the answer. 85% of businesses reported that DIRECTV sports programming increased their business and the length of patron stay. Get FREE marketing tools such as your business listed on "Sports Bar Finder" app & online city guide. promotional kits and online customized advertising and merchandising site.  Download the Public Viewing Channel Lineup

  DIRECTV Public Viewing

Business Viewing:  Great for any type of business! With DIRECTV for Business you will keep your customers entertained while the wait, shop or workout. 91% of business subscribers believe that DIRECTV programming helps customers & patients pass the time.  This programming is also for private clubs such as: VFW, Legions, Moose, Country Clubs and more. Call today to get a customize quote. Download the Business & Private Viewing Channel Lineup

  DIRECTV Business Viewing

Private Office:  With access to more than 140 channels of choice programming, your employees will stay on top of the latest industry news - so you can stay on top of the competition. Great for lunch/break rooms too!

Apartments/Condos:  Eliminate those multiple dishes installed on walls and balconies by having a single dish and distribution system installed. Each unit will get there own DIRECTV residential programming account while increasing the rental value of the building.

DIRECTV Multi Family Viewing.

Lodging & Institutions:  Give Hotels, Senior & Assisted Living, Recreational and Correctional Facilities the unparalleled entertainment experience with DIRECTV’s industry-leading HD programming, sports and channel variety they get at home.

All Commercial DIRECTV systems are installed & serviced by our Certified In-House Techs. 

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